If you are finding a u-turn in life to go back and correct all the lifestyle mistakes like dietary habits, sedentary living and binging on your favourite junk food, you have arrived at the right place. As the world goes gaga over the organic way of living, India boasts of its age old practice of Ayurveda of being available in every household in some form or another. In this blog we shall discuss the simple and evergreen foods for all kinds of ayurvedic treatment. In this season, where people are surrounded with rampant viral fevers, cold-sore, throat infection and in the worst cases even chikunguniya and dengue; what we need is plenty of immune boosting ingredients naturally, because let’s admit it we all know the allopathic treatment to any of our problems is only temporary and will work on our symptoms instead of eradicating the disease from its roots.

These immune boosting foods will work for you in all seasons and help in elevating the health status for your body on an overall. The simplest way to do it is by supplementing your daily meal with all the essential nutrients.

Some of these herbs can be,

1.Giloy: Unforunately, not many Indians know that giloy is an excellent ayurvedic ingredient to eradicate multiple disorders as being a powerhouse of antioxidants. This simple food helps in problems like fever, diabetes, arthritis, indigestion, anxiety and asthma;

2.Aloevera: As many of us know its benefits on skin, it is also a great element with its high vitamin and mineral count that promotes digestion and detoxification.

3.Wheatgrass: Another easy to be grown in household plant, wheatgrass is high in dietary fibres, vitamins and minerals. It is known for its renowned role in the process of digestion, and assists in the production of red blood cells, potassium and electrolyte keeping you fit and active.

4.Tulsi: From chronic respiratory tract infection to beauty and skincare, there is a reason to why every household in India has tulsi! The small leaves of this plant can help you fight disease like diabetes, sinusitis, asthma, fever, excess fat and even cancer.

Ayurveda is the science of healing that teaches us about strinking a balance in life and thus, it is not just about the food but also the physical excercises and yoga along with mindful activities and meditation.


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