Acharya Manish, is not just an Ayurvedic Acharya but also a guide who helps people reach their goals in life with utter honesty and authority. He has webbed the umbrella of better living that extends to a disciplined lifestyle and healthy dietary habits. Millions have benefitted with the help of motivation by Acharya Manish. People from different walks in life have often expressed their gratitude for Acharya Manish for empowering their lives with better health and a happier life.

His consistent encouragement and support has helped numerous jaded and demotivated individuals heal, transform, and grow to make their lives really beautiful.

Acharya Manish has carved from his life experiences, the boon of holistic treatment by Ayurveda. He has relentlessly and seamlessly implied practical methodologies that relates to everyone’s lifestyle. He has motivated millions to adopt the ‘sattvik’ lifestyle that accelerates personal growth. With dietary discipline and yoga, one can achieve a health status that keeps all kinds of sickness away.

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